/Welcome to Windows Phone World

Welcome to Windows Phone World

Do you hear about Windows Phone? Do you develop any App for Windows Phone? Do you hear about Windows Phone and you want to develop using Windows Phone? Do you want to enter Windows Phone field? Do not worry, you will make Your app in 4 easy steps!!. Wow ,Your app in 4 easy steps, of course it is very amazing. Let us start together …

Windows Phone App Studio is a tool to make high quality Windows Phone apps

Microsoft did this tool for the Users from the Developers not only The Developers (i.e. who have a little Experience in This Field) !! (Are you imagine this?!).
Using this tool, thousands of Apps in few days are made and achieved high rate on the Store. What are you waiting for?!
First thing, Log into Windows Phone App Studio with your Microsoft Account and follow the instructions listed in your welcome email to gain access and get started using Windows Phone App Studio.


Install the Windows Phone App Studio certificate in order to install the apps you generate with Windows Phone App Studio directly on your phone. Follow the link “this certificate” from your phone and install it easily. The link is (www.apps.windowsstore.com ).
Note that this is not necessary to build apps using Windows Phone App Studio or to download the XAP file (The published File on The Store).




Now you are ready to get started using Windows Phone App Studio

What type of Windows Phone app do you want to create?
1)    Create an empty app. (By creating an empty app, you will be able to build an app from scratch adding sections and Data Sources and configuring the content and style using your own creativity.)


2)    Create an app from a template. (By creating an app from a topic template, you will be able to start with a previously generate app as a guide. Use the sections, Data Sources structure, content and style from the template while you configure and customize the layout and content.)



Soon the next article from Windows Phone World …!!

You are about few steps from your first app

Only 4 Steps