/LiNeS (Developer social network) Project

LiNeS (Developer social network) Project

Social network for only programmers. We imagine its goal is to confront the problems that face almost programmers all over the world . One of these problems is wasting more and more time navigating social websites. Another problem, if someone has some errors in the code he works on, he will waste more time searching for a solution on the whole web. On the other hand, some websites promote programs to make its own projects but the communication is dependent on only one project members. We found an idea which combines advantages of usual social networks and features of these developer networks that will be at the end Lines social developer networks. In Lines you can code and run online,  something like your usual IDE, and you can share your codes with your subscribers and all features of social networks are availabe. Codes will appear in its highlighter form and output will be besides its code, if there is an error in any code, it will appear and any one of your subscribers can fix it for you in a comment on this code. LiNeS system will automatically make a recommendation for people who can help you and they will be notified, and there will be messaging system for programmers to chat. We collect features of social Network and Developer Community.
show features of social network :
Post : User can easily post on his page, this post can be normal “words” or code post only or post of words and code together.
Rate : on posts, which user can do it. When rate of any post becomes higher more than any posts in the site,  it will appear to other users.
Report : sometimes there are bad comments from some users or a fake account found so user need to report it.

  • Following : similar to add friend in facebook, user choose who to follow.
  • Similarity : show suggestions for other users have the same interests.
  • Comment : user can comment on any posts as long as it is a post of a friend.
  • Message : exchange massages, can be between friends or not.
  • Upload photos : user can upload photos seen only by him.

show features of Developer community in our sites :
Project : user can create project as created in IDE, this feature found in GitHub.
Compiling and running : in any IDE after creating Project , write code and compile code which appear any error bounded then run it and show Output.
Tags : their ability to tag posts, related to programming concepts which not found in Specific programming language.
− Subcategory : when users want to write post so defined uses it.
After reviewing all these features, developer won’t waste his time anymore in normal social network, and make it easy to connect to any developer all over the world .
Methods and Technology
Java EE enterprise
Java Servlet Technology
Persistence API
Managed Beans
GlassFish Server
Clustering Algorithms
k-means clustering
Fuzzy c-means
Hierarchical clustering algorithm

Some Screenshots

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Home Page


Write code on our website ‘LiNeS’ on our code editor and compile it


Similarity between posts


Under the Supervision of :
Dr.Sherif Barakat
Assistant Professor. Waleed Al-Adrousey
Members of LiNeS Team:
1. Ahmed Ragab El-bastawesy
2. Esraa Mohamed Rezk
3. Ragab Belal Mohamed
4. Ramzy Abdel-Fatah Kandiel
5. Sara Ahmed Ghabour
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