/Your first step with ZK

Your first step with ZK

peace be upon all

ZK in a glance

ZK is a highly productive open source Java web framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications. Its unique Sever+client Fusion architecture enable developers to write applications using pure Java, design UI in XML while having optional control to the client side. ZK’s true event-driven model reflects desktop programming shielding developers from JavaScript programming, cross-browser issues, complex Ajax communication and the danger of exposing business logic.

ZK  also have alot of other products along with the framework
ZK  : web framework 
ZK mobile : extends the reach of Web applications to billions mobile devices supporting Java Mobile and Android.
ZK studio and ZTL tools :  visual IDE plugin for Eclipse and testing suite
ZK spreadsheet , ZK calendar : ajax application component
ZK Pivottable : Ajax web component for summarizing raw data
Why ZK ?
1- ZK is the leading enterprise Ajax framework and the easiest way to build great modern Java web applications.
2- Enterprise. Trusted. Established.
3- End to End Productivity Boost
4- Industry Leading Architecture
5- Transparent Ajax with Jav6- Rich Modular UI
7-  Fortune 500 Approved Security

Getting Started !

  • ** installation
    – u can  download and run on any IDE , but assume using netbeans , u need to download the REM plugin from here
    – start netbeans , on main menu bar select Tools >> plugins
    – click on downloaded tab >> add plugin , then navigate to where REM is downloaded and select it
    –  click install
  • ** create Netbeans demo ZK project
    – new project >> samples >> java web >> zk509 Demo application >> write the project name and click Finish
    – this is a demo project to explore the different component of the framework
    – click run and Enjoy 😀

>> <<  To can create a new project and use the palette to explore the different tools
>><<  more on   http://www.zkoss.org/