/Let's forge !! ()

Let's forge !! ()

welcome all ,

sure you are wondering what’s Forge !!
Forge is a Cross-platform app framework  which enables you to create native apps for multiple platforms from a single HTML5 codebase.
Here are a few benefits of Forge:

  • ** Single code base
  • ** Ability to generate mobile applications for Android and iPhone
  • ** Ability to generate browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE
  • ** Rapid development
  • ** Reduced maintenance costs


It doesn’t require to write any line of  java or objective-c or learn any platform-specific APIs.
now let’s get started


  1.  Download the development environment
            ** To use Forge, you will first need to sign up for the service at https://trigger.io/forge/

    •  download the Forge development environment and unzip it to any directory .


  1.  For Win users >> run go.bat
    • ** for linux and MAC users >> from the terminal change the directory to wherever you extracted the zip file run source  go.sh


  1.  Creating your first app
             ** by now u should have a command terminal look something like that.



** HINT ** if u want to keep each of your apps separated u should use another directory for them
mkdir “../test-apps”
cd “../test-apps”

now we are in a separated directory , let’s create the app
forge create
after that you will be prompted to enter the app name , your user-name , password and that’s it you are done 🙂
you can switch to the app directory and try run your index page named index.html Now if u wanna start your app as an extension to chrome , or Firefox add-on or android , iphone app >> let’s move to another level i would prefer to start it as an extension to chrome .
by now u should see src  directory under the app directory , this is where all the extensions will be placed
inside , u should see “config.jsonwhich automatically generated and holds all the settings for the extension .
1- Create a file called background.js” inside the “src” directory and add the following code
     window.alert(‘Hello Chrome’);
2- Open config.json and add this file to the background_files array
     “background_files”: [“background.js”],
3- Building and load Chrome Extensions Using Forge
** Navigate to the directory where you extracted the build tools from the terminal
** Windows users run go.bat. OSX/Linux users run source go.sh
** Run forge build.
** When the build finishes take a look inside the development directory and you should see your generated Chrome extension
** Open the Chrome browser and go to chrome:extensions.
** If Developer mode isn’t already enabled click the [+] button at the top right.
** Click Load unpacked extension.
** Navigate to the development directory which contains the generated extension.
** Select the chrome folder and click OK.
** You should see ‘Hello Chrome’ alert window as soon as the extension has loaded.
>> NOTE  <<
only the “Get Started” apps are FREE , more pricing here >> https://trigger.io/pricing/