/Playing with the User Interface in Android – I

Playing with the User Interface in Android – I

This Topic will discuss playing with the user interface in developing an Android Application..
our Topic will be about how to create the following screens and the next part will be about how to connect between them!>>

here is the Code of View one: res/layout/main.xml

in the previous code ,using the Linear Layout which is used to arrange views in a single row or a single column , then set the width and the height of the layout to “fill_parent”, setting the background of the layout with a hex-dec value .. the orientation of the layout to vertical and the padding to 20..

about the TextView : the value of the width to “fill_parent” and the height to “wrap_content” , the text appears which it’s value saved in strings.xml : res/values/strings.xml , you can change its value easily , I have changed it to CATaZineLive.. then , set its size to 25 and make marginBottom to make good space between it and the next button..

the two buttons : set to them an id , so u can easily call them , set the width , height , textSize, textColor , and onClick : you can easily refer to the button in you code ..

the SignUp Screen Code : res/layout/signup.xml

in the previous code , you will use the TableLayout which is consist of rows and columns to make the view looks good , u will notice that some EditTexts took different input types : textEmailAdress , textPersonName, textPassword .. it depends on the value you will put in the EditText view..

LogIn Form View code : res/layout/login.xml


the code only clarify one new feature which is the checkBox , the user can check it if he/she wants the app to remember the password..

that’s all today .. the next part will let you know how to connect between them and know some new features ..