/Internet Software Evolution -Part 3-

Internet Software Evolution -Part 3-

Establishing a Common Protocol for the Internet : 

Since the lower layers were provided by the IMP host interface, the NCP essentially provided a transport layer consisting of the ARPANET Host-to-Host Protocol (AHHP) and the Initial Connection Protocol (ICP). AHHP specified how to transmit a unidirectional, flow-controlled data stream between two hosts. ICP specified how to establish a bidirectional pair of data streams between a pair of connected host processes. Application protocols such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), used for file transfers, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), used for sending email, accessed network services through an interface to the top layer of the NCP.
On January 1, 1983, knows as Flag Day, NCP was rendered obsolete when the ARPANET changed its core networking protocols from NCP to the more flexible and powerful TCP/IP protocol suite, marking the start of the Internet as we know it today.
I will skip the rest of the story. In this series of articles, we have gone through the evolution of TCP/IP.
You can consider those articles under Computer Networks category. Later, you will find out how small this world is.
Lessons learned from this series:
Never Underestimate your field of Study: Vannever Bush contributed majorly in inventing the Internet,
while he was manly a librarian.
Innovation is Important: even in simple tasks, you shall always be thinking about innovative ways for achieving tasks.
Vannever Bush was thinking about innovative ways to present encyclopedias.
Keep working: Vannever Bush kept formalizing his imagination of MEMEX between 1936 and 1945. How long is that?
Collaboration: Librarian, Electronic and Electrical Engineer, Researcher invented the Internet. No one could have invented Internet solely.
Transform Knowledge: Licklider brought Lawrence Roberts, believing he is the person to implement the vision.
If you found someone that does things better, don’t hesitate to collaborate with him to get your ideas implemented. History remembers you both.
Same idea fits in different places: Paul Baran implemented the same idea “Packet Switching” at RAND Corporation, and DARPA net.
Listen Carefully: After the meeting, Roberts stayed behind and listened as Clark
elaborated on his concept to deploy a minicomputer.
Stand on the Giants’ Shoulders: Avoid reinventing the wheel. People are working
on projects, search for them, build your project over their projects, so you will reach
further places. AHHP and ICP were built over NCP, TCP/IP was built over NCP.
Think Globally, Act Locally: Seeing the full picture is important, but you need to take
small repetitive, well studied steps to reach your goal. Internet was built step by step
over years.
Obsoleting your work: It is required to keep updating your work, keep upgrading it, and
knowing the right moment to mark certain work as obsolete, and present new work.
Keep Working! 😉

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