/Identify the Topic

Identify the Topic

In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Writing for CATazine
(Identify the Topic)

What does writing for CATazine mean to me?
Pleasure, to receive the invitation to write here.
Honor, to support a hard working team: carrying glory from history, evolving in Faculty of Computers, and spreading to the rest of the world, and loves fighting.
Responsibility, to present a different kind of articles, with higher quality than what I used to. Blogging is nice…
I have been blogging since 2005. I used to blog using a blogging service called: http://www.blogspirit.com I am not quiet sure if it still exists or not. Blogging has plenty of advantages, and disadvantages too.
* One of the advantages: feeling free, I write what I feel, and if you are not interested, you can leave 🙂 But… CATazine is not my personal Blog ,
Though I feel CATazine is my home, it is not my personal blog. I have to fulfill minimum requirements, which are high quality standards, on time basis (Weekly… You are kidding me CATians 🙂

I couldn’t have started my first post without this introduction. I believe this introduction carries a lot, and hopefully it delivers what I feel inside.

Now, enough with the feelings, and to start the Topic:
Actually, the first topic is: “ Identify the Topic

What do I mean by ” Identify the Topic” ?
Simply, I will go through different topics right now, and wait for readers feedback.Voting on the most wanted topic will yield the rest of the coming series of articles. That does not mean we will not go through the rest of the topics, but we have to follow some order.

Information Systems: Information Systems are collection of Computers, Hardware, Software, Processes, etc. that handles data to give information as output. Do you believe that? Because I don’t. No matter how many times you have read this in different books. I have read that many times before, and I do not like the sound of this sentence. Information Systems are the most important
field nowadays, that represents huge sector of research and money. There are important research fields within Information Systems we know nothing about. If you are interested to dig deeper into Information Systems; including Enterprise
Architecture, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Systems ” ERP, CRM, etc.” it would be my pleasure to start this sequel of articles immediately. Honestly, I hope you are voting for this. Let us see 🙂

Computer Networks: Cisco is a major player in Computer Networks – True. It is not the only one there. Are there any? How Open Source world applies to Computer Networks? Are Computer Networks affecting our World? Our Systems? Who is the Network Administrator? What are the responsibilities of Network Engineer? What is the perfect combination of skills do I need to become efficient Network Expert? What are the latest Technologies? Many other questions. If you are interested, it is my pleasure to start this sequel of articles inchallah. Honestly, I hope you are voting for this. Let us see 🙂

Mozilla: We have been through this discussion before. Mozilla is the Non-Profit that produces Firefox. This is great. But, Mozilla is working hardly to face a changing world and to keep the web neutral. What are the latest Mozilla updates? What are the latest Mozilla technologies and products? Why we need to support Mozilla? How can we get involved with Mozilla? If you are interested,
please vote here and it is really my pleasure to start this sequel of articles. Honestly, I hope you are voting for this. Let us see 🙂

I will not be chatting much more. I believe feedback is the most important component for Information Systems ” Please don’t consider this an indication to the topic I would love to discuss 🙂 “

ah! How will I get your feedback, through comments.
~Haitham El-Ghareeb