/Django: part(1)

Django: part(1)

What is Django?
Django is a high-level  Open Source framework that  written in Python
a Web development framework that enables you  to make a great web applications in a short time.
django is an mvc type framework called mvt in django
M=model , This layer contains anything and everything about the data: how to access it, how to validate it, which behaviors it has, and the relationships between the data.
V=view ,logic for getting stuff in and out of database,You can think of it as the bridge between models and templates.
 T=template,the display logic, This layer describe how something should be displayed on a Web page.

Sites that use Django

how to install django !!
first you should have python installed in your machine

 after that you can download the latest version of django this one is always available at http://www.djangoproject.com/download/.

To  install it from terminal  type :

$ sudo apt-get install python-django

Make sure of Django installation:


Write your first application in django:
$ django-admin startproject mysite
$python manage.py startapp hello
*in mysite /url file add:

* In views file inside hellofolder type :

to run django server :

open your broswer and enter your localhost(port) ex(
enter your app name for example
it was just an example how to make an app we will explain what happened in the next articles …. see you later 🙂