/Gmail With it's new Dress .

Gmail With it's new Dress .

It is clear that Google wants to celebrate Eid Al-Adha Al Mubark with us by a new dress for it’s Gmail .

All of us have observed the new look for Gmail .

Let us know what’s the new …..

Streamlined conversations

 A new view of the responses and discussions in the mail.

Elastic density

 Changing the distances between the elements of mail automatically depending on the nature of the user or device can    be changed as desired by the user.

New HD themes

 provides themes with high quality for good view.

Smarter navigation

 The possibility of modifying the side lists and moving or hiding chat area .

Better search

Searching in the mail appears better and offer advanced options directly in the search box.

And finally , Google said that the changes will be brought to everyone soon , and they have rolling out a switch to the new look link in the bottom right of the Gmail .

A video for it