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as most of you must have heard Start with google bus arrived at mansoura yesterday , and ofcourse we wouldn’t miss it ! So here’s our report for the lovely day incase you missed it.
They arrived around 6:00 PM at Misr library , they started by introducing the representative of one of the associations the was originated from Mansoura but is now big and covers all Egypt “SAS” that stands for “Science Age Society جمعية عصر العلم ” , It has programs that aim to spread science among all different levels of the society starting from kids till scientists . The association is one of the sponsors of the competition
Then in the discussion part , small communities that serve the same purpose were mentioned and the association’s representative welcomed any sort of collaboration -interesting no ?-
Make sure you check their website trust me you will be impressed 😉
Then Mr mohammed Aboud started talking about the competition itself , ofcourse starting with the video -actually we made him skip it we all saw it before the session 😀 – but here it is anyway

Then he started explaining the competition phases :
Phase 1 : the submission phase which will end on 31st this month so hurry up If you’ll participate
around 7000 submitted but only 1600 actually completed the submission , it’s expected that t the number will jump to 3000 by the dead line that’s why they wont extend it
a good note is that they limited the number of lines for the description , so be as innovative as
possible .
Phase 2 : 200 projects will be picked and will receive special training about business management and related stuff not that every team must be at maximum of 5 people , 2 will be picked for the training .
Phase 3 : 50 projects will be picked based on the prototypes of their project.
Phase 4 : 20 will be picked -suspense here-
finally , Winning team will be picked , and will receive a prize of 1.2 Millions to finance their startup
as you may guess we were all surprised how come the runner ups get nothing , mr mohamed
replied that there will be tons of investors there, so it’s a win win for whoever reaches phase 4
Note:team will not receive the prize unless they register their company -ouch- .
moving on to the discussion part , we were asked why on earth would google think of doing that ,
quoting wael el fakharany he said “We need people who can dream, who have ideas” . Google is simply investing and they picked Egypt for this because the saw too much potential in Egyptian youth after Jan25 , I was still sad that Wael el fakharany didn’t make it to mansoura 🙁
Some equation I liked in the presentation :
القدرة X الرغبة X معرفة الدور = Success
The multiplication means that if one of the factors was zero , it’s all zero
so you CAN do it
you WANT to do it
you’re in the RIGHT PLACE where you can innovate
little hard work will do the trick
So If you have a good Idea you don’t want to miss this chance , Even if you don’t win you will be forced to work on it and humans 101 , deciding to start is always the hardest part.
Follow @Ebda2 on twitter for updates , and ofcourse here’s the website : http://startwithgoogle.com
Cheers !