Amazon and Microsoft Take the Battle to Google

Windows Phone Mango and Kindle Fire represent far more of a threat to Google than to Apple. The first appears to be a better alternative than Android currently is, and the second basically usurps Google’s control over its own OS to build a better competitor. That is far more embarrassing to Google and its model, because it makes the firm look like it is made up of idiots who can’t protect their own IP.

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javascript sandbox console

Amini javascript console to playin.

The js sandbox console is a javascript playground designed to enhance demos and homepages for javascript libraries, plugins and scripts, giving visitors an easy and chilled-out way to test-drive the functionality – without whacking open their Firebug / Dev Tools console.

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Facebook’s Timeline Tension

“There’s always a balance between privacy and monetizing data, and at this moment folks are trying to find the balance, which is why there’s litigation against Facebook,” Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told TechNewsWorld. “On the other hand, vendors have to explore the limits, and that’s what Facebook and Google are doing.”

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How Open Source Development Is Becoming More Social?

Most people do not think of software developers as being high on the “social” scale. In fact, the (misinformed) stereotype for a typical developer is that of the introverted geek. But in many ways, particularly with open source developers, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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PHP needs to die. What will replace it?

It’s time for PHP to die. And I say this as a die-hard PHP developer currently converting an existing Ruby on Rails codebase to PHP.

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Why the iPhone 5 Never Arrived?

Every single news media outlet was talking about the iPhone 5 last night. Even our local news here in L.A. (ABC7) proclaimed with certainty, that the new iPhone 5 was coming. Bigger Screen. Slimmer. New Design. WRONG!

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Intel Says ‘Goodbye MeeGo, Hello Tizen’

Some days, it seems that mobile platforms are dropping like flies, yet growing like mushrooms. On Wednesday, Intel announced that it was dropping the MeeGo mobile operating system it had launched last year with Nokia, and, at the same time, will be developing an open-source Linux mobile platform called Tizen…

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