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Android Amazon Kindle!

One aspect of the Amazon Kindle Fire has consistently been understated by the Amazon team: the Kindle Fire runs onAndroid … click on the link to keep reading! >> http://on.mash.to/naadgw

Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Traffic Data

Google for the first time is providing a window into real-time web traffic with Google Analytics Real-Time. >>http://on.mash.to/p8jQQn

Amazon Launches Silk Web Browser for Tablets

Amazon has unveiled Silk, a brand new web browser that lives both on the tablet and in the cloud.

The browser, which will be available on the Amazon Fire tablet, dramatically cuts down on load times and request times by splitting the online casino workload between the tablet and Amazon’s EC2. This infusion of cloud computing is the secret sauce that makes ..http://on.mash.to/oDwj4l..

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Allegedly Leaks Via eBay Purchase
A man who ordered a Samsung phone on eBay says he was surprised to find that it came loaded with what seems to beIce Cream Sandwich — the long-awaited Android upgrade that Google is set to…http://on.mash.to/nsQR0j..
Google Birthday
Google celebrated its birthday  3 days ago .. Happy Birthday Google!