/Microsoft Killer (Alternatives) – I

Microsoft Killer (Alternatives) – I

Each time , we will replace Microsoft products with an open-source product that are more Secure, fast, powerful ,….etc .

1- Ubuntu Server

   The popular Ubuntu Linux,famous for it’s polished, easy-to-use as a desktop version .

Characteristics – Secure, fast and powerful, Ubuntu Server is transforming IT environments worldwide. Realize the full potential of your infrastructure with a reliable, easy-to-integrate technology platform. Why use Ubuntu for servers?

1- Reduce costs:

but how !

› Lower the costs of your data center .

› Easy server maintenance .

› Automatic updates .

› Packaged applications .

› Reduce power consumption .

› Free-licence .

2- Easy integration :

› Integrate with your existing systems .

› Easy authentication .

› Microsoft Active Directory integration .

› Share print services .

› File sharing with SAMBA .

3- Virtualization :

Ubuntu Server is an extremely popular platform for virtualising data centers.

It provides KVM(kernal based virtual machine) as the core option for both host and guest virtualisation.

A wide variety of open-source and proprietary technologies are also used in conjunction with Ubuntu Server. 4- Everything you need :  Ubuntu Server provides everything you need to build your infrastructure on a public cloud or your own private cloud.

You can use the same images and tools to control them both.

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud brings you the elasticity and immediacy of cloud computing from behind the security of your firewall and it

makes it easy to migrate between public and private clouds.

♦ Hint :Check the difference between public could and private cloud

5- Security : › Built-in security .

› Uncomplicated firewall .

› Access control with AppArmor .

♦ Hint :Check what is appamor !

6- Minimize administration : › Easy administration .

› Save time with automated deployment .

› Effortless management with Landscape

For managing, monitoring and maintaining your IT environment, Landscape makes the administration of multiple machines as easy as managing one.

♦ Hint : Check what is landscape !

↓ Download Ubuntu Server

2- Citadel Groupware Serve

   -Citadel is free of cost and 100 percent Free software, comprised entirely of GPL-licensed code . But,what is the mean of free-GPL-licensed code ? Software that’s “Free” means it’s unrestricted — you can modify the code to suit your needs.

This kind of software is sometimes also referred to as “Open Source” software. -Citadel is an all-in-one messaging and collaboration server that runs on Linux, BSD, Solaris, and pretty much any Unix-like operating system. -Citadel is a turnkey open-source solution for email and collaboration. One simple installation delivers a multitude of powerful features, including:

[ email – calendaring/scheduling – address books – bulletin boards – mailing list server – instant messaging – wiki – multiple domain support – a powerful web interface ]

↓ Download Installation Citadel