/Developing applications for smart phones

Developing applications for smart phones

Smart phones opened new business market for developers. It’s increasing and getting more popularity day after another. There are three main mobile operating systems in the market apple IOS, Google android, RIM Blackberry.

So let’s develop applications for smart phones … I am afraid it’s not that easy the main difficulty is that each one of these operating systems requires different programing language, so we had to find any way to solve this problem.

Titanium Mobile SDK:

The Titanium Mobile SDK allows you to create, run, and package real native mobile applications for IOS, Android, and BlackBerry (beta) devices using cross-platform JavaScript APIs. Titanium Mobile applications run against a standalone JavaScript engine which invokes native APIs. As a developer, you are in fact writing a native application – it’s just that you’re using cross-platform JavaScript rather than non-portable Java or Objective-C.

cross platform:

Refers to developing software for, or running software on, more than one type of hardware platform. The most universal cross platform application is the Web browser. Written for every desktop computer platform, Web browsers render Web pages “almost” the same no
matter which computer they run on.

Titanium architecture for all supported environments

Titanium Mobile apps use native UI and platform APIs, and run at close to full native speed. The Titanium Mobile SDK works with the native SDK tool chains to combine your JavaScript source code, a JavaScript interpreter, and your static assets into an application binary that will be installed to an emulator or mobile device. It’s worth mentioning that you could write your application UI in HTML and CSS, but typically you will use native UI components through a Titanium JavaScript API.

For downloading Titanium Mobile SDK you can visit this URL:

For introduction to developing mobile applications with Titanium Mobile SDK you can visit
this URL:


If you are interested in this topic maybe I can cover it up later in more details.

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