/Lynx web browser

Lynx web browser

lynx is a text based web browser and can used for any linux system & windows.it’s faster of any graphical browser(I.E ,firefox ,….). run over any termianl , it does not displays any images or multimedia contents. Software testers use lynx to test web pages for accessibility issues. Also some people do not like so many images and multimedia contents on the web pages. Lynx does not come by default with Ubuntu,so you need to install it (who don’t know how to install it ) type this command in Terminal >> sudo apt-get install lynx to load a page in lynx type


i.e >> # lynx google.com

use the arrow (cursor) keys to navigate

  • up and down move the highlight from one link to the previous and next
  • right selects that link
  • left back to the previous page

To type in a URL to go to, from within Lynx, use “G” (that’s a capital letter)then type in the URL and Enter.

To quit Lynx, you can hit either “q” or “Q”

To accept cookies from a website, use the following command.

# lynx -accept_all_cookies http://www.yahoo.com

To download the contents of a webpage use the following command

# lynx -dump “http://www.google.com” >test.txt

<The previous command will store all the html page in plain text format in the file named test.txt>

To Get the source code from a Web page with Lynx # lynx -source “http://www.example.com/”

>> Simple commands

  •  to goto the beginning/end of the document, enter `^a’ or `^e’
  •  to move up/down by 1 screen, enter `-‘ or `Space’
  •  to move up/down by half-a-screen, enter `)’ or `(‘
  •  to move up/down by 2 lines, enter `^p’ or `^n’ ;

>> Some useful information commands

  • * `h’ gets you the full range of on-line help files
  •  `k’ gives a list of keystrokes with their functions
  •  `l’ lists all the links in the current document
  •  `o’ goes to the Options list, where you can change settings
  •  `V’ lists all the documents you have visited in order
  •  `^h’ lists just those documents you will return to with a series of `LeftArrow’ commands
  •  `=’ gives details of the current document & link

Lynx was created c 1994 at the University of Kansas. For all information about Lynx & how to get the latest version, goto lynx.isc.org . Click on the photo to see its original size :)..