/Which Social-Media Giant will Control data ?

Which Social-Media Giant will Control data ?

The alliance of Facebook, Microsoft, Nokia and Skype has joined forces 
against Internet giant Google,which has applied itself with Apple 
and microblogging service Twitter, 
the social media giants are all battling for data.
The yield of this social boom is data . 
Mountains of information about what interests people, what they like,
with whom they are communicating, where they like to go. Data is what 
turned Google into an Internet giant
Now and after launching GOOGLE+ , Google’s first attempt to combine all of 
its services in a “social network” bringing together YouTube with the Picasa photo
service and Translation function Google Translate among others.
All that fueled by the technical power of Google computer centers and flanked 
by Android as a leading smartphone operating system.
But Google is arriving quite late to the social networking party. 
Facebook has a pretty big head start with 750 million users.
Facebook and Google butt heads over data portability – users have the ability 
to take their contacts out of Gmail and transfer them to Facebook, 
but not the other way around. 
Who has control over user data, the site, the service or the person? 
Should an individual be able to grant access to another person’s data?
The most important now is user data , 
Who controls the data ?
What facebook & google are hiding and what they show to us ?
How web giants are transforming the Internet to suit their corporate interests?
  what facebook& google are hiding ??