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Mobile Botnet

Mobile Botnet is a type of botnet ! ,But what is Botnet !?
Botnet :- Is a type of bot! running on IRC network that has been created by a trojan .
When an infected computer is on the internet the bot can then start up an IRC client and connect to an IRC server .
The Trojan will also be coded to make the bot join a certain chat room once it has connected,
multiple bots can then join in one channel and the person who has made them can now spam IRC chat rooms .
But again what is Bot !? Bot represent robot – a computer program that runs automatically .
*By the way we have one in CATreloaded IRC channel , u can try it 
Robot !?
(1) A device that responds to sensory input.
(2) A program that runs automatically without human intervention. 
Typically, a robot is endowed with some artificial intelligence so that it can react to different situations it may encounter. Two common types of robots are agents and spiders. Go back to Mobile Botnet : we know that it is a type of a botnet . that targets mobile devices such as smart phones , 
attempting to gain complete access to the device and its contents as well as providing control to the botnet creator.  
Mobile botnets take advantage of unpatched exploits to provide hackers with root permissions over the compromised mobile device,
enabling hackers to send e-mail or text messages, make phone calls, access contacts and photos, and more.
Most mobile botnets go undetected and are able to spread by sending copies of themselves from compromised devices to other devices via text messages or e-mail messages.