/Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04

The new ubuntu version is now available for download . The Ubuntu11.4 release comes with a new look and feel with its new UI Unity. that Unity is Gnome what Ubuntu is Debian. Both are based on these technologies, but have been adapted and modified to make life easier for users.

Ubuntu founder Mark announced that the Unity shell will become ubuntu’s default user interface across both the desktop and netbook editions.

And some of the biggest changes includes the new launcher and the dash. The new launcher, which sits on the left-hand side of the screen, is designed for quick and easy access to applications.

Video- What’s new in Ubuntu 11.04?

How to Switch from Unity to the ClassicInterface in Ubuntu 11.4 ??

If you’re running Ubuntu 11.4 and don’t like to use Unity, you can switch back to the old classic GNOME interface by going to the log-on screen. Here’s how you can choose between Unity and the classic user interface.
Steps :

1- from login screen , select user .
2- form the bottom bar ,select ubuntu classic .
3- login .
If you want to switch back to Unity, just repeat steps but instead select Ubuntu at the bottom task bar.