/Windows 7 Sins

Windows 7 Sins

Yes … it has a lot of sins as it is a product of Microsoft .

Microsoft releases closed source products – like windows 7 –  which means that users can’t modify , share or examine how it works inside .

i’ll tell you some examples of abuse committed by Microsoft :

  • Ruining the Education Process : by letting them learn Microsoft products only
  • Invading the Privacy : Microsoft uses a “Microsoft genuine” advantage to inspect the users’ hard drives . the users must agree on it to use windows .
  • Monopoly : every new PC must have a windows installed on it even if you find a PC with open source operating system it may be installed a windows on it before  the open source operating system .
  • Locking -in : if you have an old PC like 10 or 11 years old … don’t bother yourself and another one if you use windows because Microsoft will support you with the latest updates
  • Threating User Security : it has a long history with the security issue . it has a weak system that allows viruses to spread .
  • DRM (Digital Restrictions Management ) : making restrictions on copying and playing media into their operating system .so even if you have the right to record , windows will not let you do that . NBC did that with Microsoft .

This is a brief of what Microsoft do .

After reading this , still want to be a Windows user ?!!