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Technology this week

Google Pulls 21 Apps In Android Malware Scare …

Google pulles 21 popular free apps from the android market. The Apps are malware aimed at getting access root to the user’s device, gathering a wide range of available data and downloading more code to it without users knowledge..



Foodspotting Comes To Android ..


the popular mobile app for foodies , has finally come to android , the App is available now on the android market. The app lets you find good food near u and lets u photograph your food …



Apple ipad2 launched ..


the second generation ipad from apple is thinner m lighter , whiter and longer battery life …



Gmail failure due to Google Software Update ..


thousands of users lost e-mail contacts and folders due to a bug in storage software update . Google apologizes and promises Quick fix .


Google Acquires Reverse Engineering Company zynamics..


Google acquired a small German Software company called Zynamics . The company was founded in 2004 , focuses on reverse engineering that is analyzing software (malware in particular ) for which no source code available ..