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Linux Kernel

Linux kernal


initially, we will define what is the mean of kernal ?


Kernal : is the central component of most computer operating system; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. It is -a program-


– If we can take a view on startup diagram we can view kernal position

We will see that kernal started after boot loader has finished its function .

When the user selects a Linux operating system in the boot loader, then the boot loader will

load the Linux kernel.

-Kernal function :

1- it detects all hardware .

2- switches the cpu to multitasking and multiuser mode.

(kernal view)

– The Linux kernel is compressed because it is just aprogram and we always see linux programs in compressed view.but has an uncompress program attached to it .The uncompress program uncompresses the Linux kernel and puts it into memory. Then, it

starts that kernel proper.


  • While booting, the kernel generates a lot of messages which will scroll off the screen very fast. And since no filesystem is available to store these messages on, they kind of vanish. If you wish to retrieve these messages later however, you can run the dmesg command to see them. 
  • news about kernal

-First Version of the Linux kernel was 1.0 released on 14 March 1994.


I really need to remember the last kernal released it is the kernal that Linus Torvalds told us about , really it is great ….