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Google Search Engine

first , you have to know , what’s the search engine??!

Search Engine : is designed to search for information in the world wide web . The search results presented in lists in the form of ( web Pages , images information,…). These results are due to your search , your typed words in the engine ..

how is search engine work ?!

The World Wide Web consists of tens of millions of Web servers and billions of Web pages, all interconnected. Each page is accessible by typing in an address (URL). The problem the researcher faces is how to get the address of a page that may contain useful information. Search engines surf automatically by using programs called bots or spiders. The task of a search engine spider is to visit as many sites as possible by following links (both within the site and from site to site), index the pages, and use this index to help users of the search engine find the pages they want. ..

there are a lot of search engines on the web ( google , yahoo ,bing,..) but the most important search engine is google. Its the first search engine on the web ..

Why google Search Engine!

  • Your Search covers more than 8 billion URLs.
  • You’ll see only pages that include the terms you type.
  • The position of your search terms is treated with respect.
  • You see what you’re getting before you click.
  • You can feel lucky and save time doing it .
  • You can get it ,even when it’s gone.

In the last 5 days google made algorithmic change for its search engine that improved the quiality of the search engine results.t his change is designed to reduce rankings for low quality sites, sites low value for the users or copy content from another sites , or aren’t very useful for the researcher ..

google also made new tool that allow the researcher to search for a recipe or ingredient on google . Researcher will get a lot of results. You can find the right recipe with ratings , ingredients and pictures..