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GSOC 2011
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Today i’m going to talk about another way of Google to be close with the young people who love coding and participating open source projects.
Google Summer Of Code – GSOC – is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects .
It was held every year since its inception in 2005  , since 2005 it has brought 4500 successful students and 3000 mentors from over 100 countries worldwide .
The Goal of GSOC is :

  1. Create and release open source code for the benefit of all .
  2. Inspire young developers to begin participating in open source development .
  3. Help open source projects identify and bring in new developers and committers
  4. Provide students the opportunity to do work related to their academic pursuits. during the summer .
  5. Give students more exposure to real-world software development scenarios (like, distributed development, software licensing questions, mailing-list etiquette).

Students can submit their applications via the Google Summer of Code 2011 site from March 28 – April 8, 2011. the best applications the mentors receive are from students who took the time to interact and discuss their ideasbefore submitting an application, so make sure to check out each organization’s Ideas* list to get to know a particular open source organization better.
*( Ideas list should be a list of suggested student projects. This list is meant to introduce contributors to your project’s needs and to provide inspiration to would-be student applicants. )
There is a video of convincing you to apply for GSOC . It also describes the whole GSOC program .

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