/The other face of Google

The other face of Google

Google … best search engine all over the world -till now- is trying to do their best to satisfy their fans .

1-G-day in Egypt

One of the best in Google these days is it trying to share their fans through technical conferences and workshops like Google day in Egypt and Jordan which is held from 8 to 10 December 2010 and it’s the first time to see something like that from Google in Egypt.


Great pleasure for any student to register to GSOC (Google summer of code)

which is a good training for any student .

Google shares some problems with the approved students to let them work for a solution for these problems and they’re of course technical problems .

3- Google Doodles

held some competitions to make some doodles for Google logo to make the site more fun and to remember what had happened in that day .

4-Google Translate

which enables us to talk to foreign people as you are talking to your friend.

It provides 50 languages which is a massive number of languages

5- Demo slam

it is still a beta version but it is a funny site .

The idea of it is to choose a battle between two videos , you listen them and click on the video you like and it shows the number of votes of each video and it shows also the video u chose … wins in boxing 😀

6-Google Maps

Awesome thing that Google made is to make our planet in maps and introduce it to internet users . You can reach any place you want by simply search on the place you want to go and it will show you how to reach it


This site has joined Google for $50 million .

Aardvark discovers the perfect person to answer any question in minutes … just sign up and ask your question .

8- Google ejabat

This works like “aardvark” but this is the Arabic version .

9-Google Chrome

The open source internet explorer . It is becoming more and more beautiful when you add your theme to the explorer

10- Chrome Experiments

It’s not your mother’s JavaScript” that’s what the site says when you enter this site and it’s absolutely true . You will find exotic and great experiments for JavaScript and HTML5 .

Well… that’s some of what Google does for its fans . I guess they deserve “Thank You Google”.