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Latest Android Apps

Smart Diagram

Smart Diagram brings easy diagram making to Android. The application is designed specifically for the small screen. With multitouch enabled screen, users can easily draw a diagram, just like on a flat white paper.

GPP Remote File

You are away from their desk or home computer?

AppWall Free

The AppWall gives you an overview of all your Apps with an smart fullscreen widget

GO Weather

GO Weather provides you a stunning, cool and beautiful way to check the weather information.

Change My Style

Which tie matches which shirt? How do I look? This app tells you which articles of clothing to match well together and what people associate your style to.

Application Protection

Application Protection help to protect applications and data in case other people or child get your phone to .

Sky burger

Finish your burgers order through the ingredients drop down from the sky randomly


AndFriends enables you to discover your friends and celebs favorite apps. For all Android phone users, what apps their friends own must be the question they first come up with, and this is why you are going to need AndFriends.

Police Radar

policecontrols, speedcameras and other added by application users. Easy to use tools to warn other drivers about policecontrols or accidents you see close to your gps location.